Lie Gjestegaard Cabin Rental

Accomodation in cabins at Lie Gjestegaard

Lie Gjestegaard is idyllically located at Åmdals Verk. Accommodation in cabins on the farm. Free fishing, swimming area, 1 km from Åmdals Verk Mines, 1 km to Åmdals Verk Grocery store, 15 min from Dalen. Great hiking terrain.

The log cabin: High standard log cabin of 80 square meters. With 3 bedrooms, sleeps 8 people. Modern kitchen and bathroom. Sauna. Driveway to the door. The cabin is partly adapted for wheelchair users.

Stabbursloft: Sleeps 2 people. Kitchen. Bathroom and toilet in the house next door with separate entrance


Last updated: 11/28/2023

Source: Vest Telemark

Lie Gjestegaard Cabin Rental

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