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Lille Kabelvåg

Gallery & Museum Little Kabelvåg isn’t quite as little as its name would lead you to believe.

Spread over 600 square meters, the exhibition space displaying works by more than 200 artists, Gallery & Museum Little Kabelvåg is one of Lofoten’s largest private art galleries.

The gallery was founded in 2006 by the artist couple Inger Anne Nyaas and Thor Erdahl, both of whom are represented within its walls through a large collection of their own work.

Inger Anne Nyaas is a textile artist, and by her own admission, enjoys challenging the traditional understanding of the artistic arena. Amongst other things she has chosen to bestow wider attention upon «kopptua» (Northern Norwegian for kitchen cloth), and by adorning them with prints of pictures, patterns and symbols, she has given these everyday objects a new lease of life. Inger utilises anything and everything in her work, from avocado peel and other food waste to bottle tops and plastic bags.

Thor Erdahl is a painter and graphic artist, and renowned for depicting motifs from nature by using large formats, simple shapes and vibrant colours. He grew up in Kabelvåg, and is held in high regard as one of the region’s most eminent artists.

In 2014, the gallery opened the object and art exhibition Kunst i motbakke (Uphill Art), a large installation incorporating elements from archaeology, history, graphic design, photography and arts and crafts. More than 200 artists contributed to the collection. Visitors start at ground level and work their way 7 meters upwards by way of some red stairs. This journey brings you past several rooms – all of them with very different content. Most people, even those who are not instinctively drawn to the artistic world, come across something they affiliate with in this installation. It is no surprise that the highlight for many children is the sofa cut into segments, concealing parts of toys.

Did you know... can see a more than two-meter-high curtain made out of the bottoms of milk cartons in the gallery?

Gallery & Museum Little Kabelvåg is close to Kabelvåg town square. The square was adorned by Thor Erdahl, and is a fitting addition to any gallery visitor’s itinerary.

On the first floor there is a drawing corner for children, and a variety of magazines and books for their parents to delve into.

The day can be rounded off with a freshly made pizza, accompanied by some drinks of your choice at Arbeidern, or simply a relaxing stroll through the narrow, cosy streets of Kabelvåg.

Source: Destination Lofoten


Lille Kabelvåg

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