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Lille Nakksjø hyttetun

Lille Nakksjø is a completely renovated cottage with 3 separate rental units that can be rented together or separately.

Little Nakksjø in Wilderness Adventure is a completely renovated cabin complex with 3 separate rental units that you can rent together or separately. The cabin and the area are suitable for couples, families, and groups who love nature. The cabin complex is in a nice location in tranquil surroundings and has basic amenities. There is a road that goes all the way to the cabin. Here you will find great marked paddling routes, biking trails, and hiking trails, but the area is also a great place for relaxing days with swimming, fishing, and relaxation. There is a road that goes all the way to the cabin complex.

Rental Units
There are a total of 14 beds, with apartment A accommodating 6, apartment B accommodating 4, and apartment C accommodating 4. All apartments have their own kitchen and dining area. The cabins have basic amenities, but each has its own entrance door.

Here you will find more information about apartment A
Here you will find more information about apartment B
Here you will find more information about apartment C

Canoe rental is included in the rent
Each unit will have access to its own canoe. It is also possible to borrow 2 kayaks. The kayaks can be freely used by all residents when available.

Nearby Attractions
Less than 1 hour's drive south to Kragerø and less than 45 minutes' drive to Sommarland in Bø. Gaustatoppen is less than 2 hours' drive away. The place has good 4G phone coverage.

Other things worth noting
- The boathouse, pier area, outdoor dining area, and a clean and pleasant outdoor toilet are shared with the other residents on the estate.
- There is no running water, and you fetch clean drinking water from the stream 20 meters from the cabin.
- You also cannot shower, but it's nice to swim just 300 meters from the estate.
- There is also no electricity in the cabins, but each unit has a small power generator (1kw) that you can use for lighting and charging.
- The railway passes a few hundred meters away on a bridge that crosses the water.
- In the evening with little wind, it's nice to light the fire pit to keep any insects away.
- The refrigerator in the cabin is also connected to the generator and cools down when the generator is running.
- The kitchen faucet is connected to a water tank on the wall that collects rainwater. The height difference between the water tank and the faucet is not very large, so there is limited water pressure.
- A full tank of fuel for the generator is included in the rent. Bring your own bedding. It is also possible to rent bedding.

Last updated: 03/11/2024

Source: Telemarkreiser AL

Lille Nakksjø hyttetun

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