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Litlabø - Bjødnahiet - Litlabø

Round trip, - the path starts next to the tower at Gruvemusèet, Litlabø.




Stord – Fitjar  (1 : 50.000)

Start and stop point

The mining museum: Gruvemusèet, Litlabø. Round trip. The path starts next to the tower.


Take off from E39 west of Leirvik cennter, on road a road signposted toward Litlabø. After approx. 4.5km  turn right and follow signs for "Gruvemuseet".


Information board at the start point. Graded after colour codes, and marked with red T.


Red - Hard.


30 – 380 M.S.L

Time used

3 – 4 h.

Tour description

Follow the road up towards Rødkleiv, across a bridge and along a well-developed and maintained forest road past the football field. Go across the bridge by Dalsløkjen and to the end of the road up through Stordalen and walk steeply up Fossane.

Continue in easy forest terrain past Stuasætertjødnane ponds. After the last pond, you follow the cleft up. Here it is important to stay to your left, as you will then look straight across at the Bjødnahifjedlet mountain. Next, follow the path along the west side of the mountain.

The bear den (Bjødnahiet) is hard to spot, but the entrance is on the backside of some boulders that are leaning up against the mountain. The path down goes eastward on the south side of Bjødnahifjedlet mountain, first up over a small ridge, then down towards a small marsh. On the east side of the marsh, you will meet the path that comes down from the east side of Bjødnahifjedlet mountain.

Follow this path down the hillside back to the path/forest road in Stordalen, and take the same road back to the starting point.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Litlabø - Bjødnahiet - Litlabø

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