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Ljøsuregga mountain

Ljøsuregga is the highest mountain peak you can see from Hjelmelandsdalen valley, but despite spectacular precipices and ridges across to Store Toren on the northern side, the summit is relatively easy to get to from the west via Kjenndalen valley. As its name indicates (literally loose rock ridge), the mountain mostly consists of scree of all shapes and sizes, but the view from the summit is well worth the effort.

The hike starts above the tree line at Furuhogane (top of the area of cabins) and there is parking along the road towards the service building for the Kjenndalsheisen ski lift. The path up through Kjenndalen goes along Kjenndalselva river up to Kjenndalsvatnet lake (805 m.a.s.l.) (1.5 km) and there are many lovely bathing spots along the river. At Kjenndalsvatnet lake, follow the waymarks just past the stone cabin (Kjenndalshytta) where you turn right up the hillside at the sign intersection (600 metres). When you reach the top of Kjenndalsskaret ravine (700 metres), you turn right up towards Ljosuregga (1.4 km). The ascent is steepest halfway where there are quite a lot of large rocks. Towards the top, the path flattens out and the rocks are smaller. There are great views in all directions from the flat plateau at the top. When the weather is good, you’re feeling fit and are not afraid of heights, you can balance on the ridge towards the Store Toren and climb to the top. The trail goes down via Ljosurdalen valley and the first part of the descent is in scree towards Nordfjordtoren (1.5 km). Down in the ravine, the trail turns down along the river and eventually onto grassland and increasingly flat terrain and a clearer path. At the bottom of Ljosurdalen valley (1.1 km), you cross the river where the path turns south towards Furuhogane through the birch forest down to the sign intersection at Ljosurelva river (1.3 km). Turn right off the path here, cross Ljosurelva river and go straight west across Kjenndalselva river back to the car park at Furuhogane (250 metres). The hike is suitable for everyone (the whole family) in reasonably good shape and with proper hiking boots.

Source: Nordfjord


Ljøsuregga mountain

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