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Ljosbakken gard


Explore the dream of a small farm life for real, and give the whole family an exciting holiday! We also offer accommodation in a charming farmhouse and a cozy house at a summer farm in Reinheimen.

The dream of a life on a small farm!

The small farm experience gives you a small farm at your disposal for a week / long weekend. You live in a charming farmhouse, get soil on your hands in the kitchen garden and contact with the farm animals, where the hens give you fresh eggs for breakfast every morning. If you wish, you can do simple farm tasks.

Eat tasty meals that you make with the best ingredients the farm and the National Park-region have to offer - straight from the mountains. You can replenish with knowledge and experiences about farm life through organized and optional activities.

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Farm accommodation.

We also offer accommodation in a cozy farmhouse, a place perfect for couples who want to relax, ideal for families with children who want a taste of farm life and great for those interested in the outdoors close to fishing rivers, cycling routes and hiking in the mountains. 6 beds + guest bed. Richly equipped kitchen, a dining room, bathroom with a shower and washing machine, toilet, cozy living room with wooden walls and two bedrooms with made beds. Self-catering and year-round rental.

From our place you can make a day trip to musk oxen and wild reindeer at Dovrefjell or visit Trollstigen and see the tall peaks in Romsdalen, and everything else to be experienced in the National Park-region.

The hosts warmly welcome you!

Last updated: 11/09/2023

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS

Ljosbakken gard


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