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Local Food Safari Farmer, Brewer and the Reindeer

We offer a unique local culinary experience when you visit the "local food capital" of Norway. Our food is grown slowly in a cold climate during light summer nights - so the flavour of the produce is unique - and a great diversity of local food.
A local food guide will accompany you on unique trip to Galåvolden Farm, where we will learn about the animals, hear about the history of the farm and eat a fantastic icecream. You will have a chanche to pet the calves!

From there we continue to Røros Brewery and at last to Rørosrein and the reindeerfarmers will give you culturell experience thru activities and food.

This trip is just for groops. Send your request to the touristoffice in Røros

Source: Destinasjon Røros


Local Food Safari Farmer, Brewer and the Reindeer

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