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Local Food Safari in Aursunden

Local Food Safari in Aursunden

Join us on an exciting coach journey through the mountainous landscape that produces the genuine tastes of the premiere local food destination in Norway.

We will learn about the Sami and the reindeer, we will stop to eat lunch at a traditional trade farm and sample local baked goods at a farm bakery. The last stop will be at a pig farm where we will both see the animals and taste the produce.

The area we will be driving through is surrounded by hospitable mountains where the reindeer thrives, large forests where the moose reigns, and sparkling, blue lakes and rivers where the trout prospers. 

Welcome to a different culinary experience!

You will be able to purchase the products you see and taste on the different stops. 

This trip is just for groops. Send your request to the touristoffice in Røros

This trip includes:

A local food guide
Focus on local food tradions, history and culture
Tastings in historcial surroundings
Warm lunch served with passion and true hospitality


Source: Destinasjon Røros


Local Food Safari in Aursunden

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