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Or the ‘Queen of the West’, as the mountain is known. The well-known nickname for Lodalskåpa describes how majestic the mountain is, and how ‘regal’ you will feel when you stand on top!

The hike from Bødalssetra up to the summit at 2,083 metres is a long but lovely trip from lush pastureland to the snow-covered Jostedalsbreen glacier. The hike is demanding: Be prepared for long uphill climbs, a fair bit of hiking on snow and ice, and a steep climb up the last part. From the top, you get an expansive view of the national park and an incomparable landscape of ice. This is a spectacular and exciting hike and is relatively demanding as it is both long and, at times, steep. Facts about the hike * Metres above sea level: 2,083 metres. * Ascent: 1,500 altitude metres * Distance: 9.7 km The first part of the hike takes you from Bødalsseter pasture farm into Fessene. This is the starting point of the first of many ascents on the hike. The trail ascends between two waterfalls, giving you a taste of what’s to come. When you get to Fessene, there is a roughly 30-minute flat section before the toughest part of the hike starts: Brattebakken, which takes you up an ascent of 700 meters all in one go and is not called ‘the steep hill’ (literally its Norwegian name) for nothing. When you reach the top, you see Lodalskåpa towering above the landscape. This view gives most people new motivation to carry on. You then cross a section of a snow-covered glacier, which means you need glacier equipment. After crossing the Bohrsbreen glacier, continue up the hill at Ståleskaret. Another glacier awaits here that that you follow up towards the top. After the glacier, you hike through rocks and scree to another small glacier just before the top itself. Some crevices lurk under the snow. The last section before the summit is steep and involves some climbing but ropes are not normally needed. The hike normally takes between 10 and 12 hours. You’ll need glacier equipment and expertise to cross the glacier without a guide. The total length of the trip is about 21 km, with steep climbs. You should therefore have experience of this kind of hike and be in good physical shape. A guide is recommended for this hike.

Source: Nordfjord



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