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Loen Play

A small universe for children, with fun and exciting activities for both body and brain. Distributed over two floors, the children can romp around with the fun house, ball pool, interactive games and more.

In the middle of the adventure village Loen, at the inner part of the fjord, between high mountains, we had to have something more. Something special for our youngest guests: A small universe with nice challenges for both body and brain. Perfect on rainy days, and when the adults have been allowed to decide for far too long ;)

The Funhouse cube for those from 3-12 years, as well as a department for the very youngest. The basement offers activities for slightly older children from 5-15 years.

Safety is the highest priority at Loen Play. All play facilities are safe and approved, and the staff has clear routines for safety work. In order for everyone to have a good stay with us, we ask all our guests to follow a set of rules.

Loen is the small village with great experiences, situated in the inner reaches of the fjord between majestic mountains, green hills, and cold glaciers. Be active or relaxed, or both. It is your choice. Loen is also an excellent starting point for exploring other parts of the region.

Source: Nordfjord


Loen Play

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