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Lofoten Seafood Center in Mortsund

With a day in Mortsund you will experience Norwegian seafood through all your senses. The smell of our delicacy stockfish, feel the wind through your hair on the way to our salmon farm, hear the birds and life at the harbour, see how an old fishing village becomes new and taste how everything meets in our restaurant.

Join us at Lofoten Seafood Center and experience how we operate a modern salmon farm. A boat tour from Mortsund out to Buksnesfjord will take you on the journey. Explore life on the farm, experience the salmon and try to feed the salmon yourself standing on the farm. See how technology is used through our automatic feeding studio, finish off with a center visit and thoughts about the future.

Lofoten’ s oldest and best kept tradition: stockfish. Take a dive in how and why stockfish is produced, what makes this delicacy enjoyed around the world. Explore how stockfish made the Lofoten that we see today, and how it made us world known. Learn about the classification and how the ‘vraker’ use their most important tool, their nose. Smell on what we call `Lofoten’ s Cognac`.

Finish of the day in Mortsund with a visit to Lofoten Seafood Restaurant. Fantastic meals prepared by our own chef; the kitchen presents international dishes based on local ingredients. Enjoy the food in our restaurant with a spectacular view of the harbour, take part of the harbour life while the sun reflects in the sea.

Do you wish to bring a piece of the experience home, or as a gift to your loved ones? Then you can visit our shop. the counter is filled with our own products and other local goods.

Looking forward to meet you!

Source: Destination Lofoten


Lofoten Seafood Center in Mortsund

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