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Lotsstøylen pasture

If you are ready for å small piece of Nordfjord-adventure

This idyllic summer farm or pasture is like a postcard from past time and you get the most beautiful view over the Nordfjord and snow-capped Nordfjord-mountains. Both cows and Fjord horses are grazing here. The milk from the cows that is not distributed to Tine (Tine is a leading Norwegian brand that delivers product made of milk all over Norway) will be used to make Gombe, a type of sweet cheese that is used for lefse as a festive food, by the local producer Fjellestad Gardskjøken in Gloppen Municipality.

Drive E39 towards Lote. Take off towards Lotsberg. After approx. 500 m, turn left (between a residential building and a garage). Follow the gravel road all the way to the summer farm.

If you fancy a slightly longer hiking trip, we can recommend hiking to Mt. Sagetindane/Høgefjellet at 1130 meters above sea level. At the top you will find a Television mast. That`s why you find this steep but nice gravel road to the top. The view at the top is great in all directions. Here you can see Lake Hornindalsvatnet (Northern Europe's deepest lake at 514 m.). Eidfjorden and Gloppefjorden which are both fjord-arms of the Nordfjord.

Source: Nordfjord


Lotsstøylen pasture

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