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Lufsjå Turisthytte

At 1230 m.a.s. on the southeast side of Lake Lufsjå you will find Lufsjå - a good startingpoint for exploring the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau.

Newly restored Lufsjå self-service cabin is located on the Hardangervidda, overlooking an open plateau landscape. It is located high and free 1236 masl at the southeastern end of the lake Lufsjå.

The cottage is self-catering with 14 beds. At the cottage there are duvets and pillows (sheet bag must be brought), cooking facilities with pots and kitchen equipment, as well as firewood and gas, and you can buy what you need of food from a rich food store. It is possible to pre-book a bed.

The cabin is operated by DNT Oslo and the surrounding area and is locked with DNT's standard lock. All DNT members have the opportunity to borrow the key with a deposit payment.

Remember to check if the cabin is open before you start. For the sake of wild reindeer, this is one of the cabins that is closed during the calving periods from and including 1 May to and including 10 June and from and including 15 October to and including 1 March.

The cabin's own website HERE

Location HERE

Last updated: 01/11/2024

Source: Visitrjukan AS

Lufsjå Turisthytte

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