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Lunch at the Summer Farm | Venabu Fjellhotell


Enjoy a delicious traditional lunch in a tranquil pastoral setting. Every Thursday during the summer season: 20th June- 22nd August

Join us for a traditional lunch with something a little bit special.

Set in the idyllic summer meadows of Jønnhalt lies the summer farm of Lykkjesetra. Once farmed in the local way, Venabu Fjellhotell´s summer farm, Lykkjesetra, is now a welcoming and simple restaurant during summer.

This is an evocative setting, recalling past summer days when women and children, from the valley farms, lived in the mountains to look after the sheep and goats, make cheese and enjoy the light days. 

Our ´farm girl´ or budeia tends the wood-fired stove and prepares a special lunch for guests. While this is traditional, farm food, the dishes would not have been eaten everyday but reserved for special occasions and celebrations. The budeia serves you sour cream porridge, cured and dried meats, sour cream waffles and seasonal local berries. She knows a lot about the cultural history of the summer farm and all about the Norwegian delicacy that is brown cheese. As she looks after her guests she tells stories about life on the summer farm in Gudbrandsdalen. 

2024 dates:

Every Thursday during the summer season: 20th June - 22nd August

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Lunch at the Summer Farm | Venabu Fjellhotell


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