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Lundeskaret is a proper classic mountain hike in Jølster. From the top, you have a marvelous view of the Kjøsnesfjord.

Lundeskaret is much more than a hike and is also probably the closest thing to a proper hike in Jølster. The trail winds its way up to the steep and wild ravine in the center of Kjøsnesfjorden.

Lundeskaret is Norway´s steepest DNT-labelled hiking trail

You should be in good physical shape and not suffer from sore knees if you want to go on this hike

Where does the trip to Lundeskaret start?

Drive along National Road 5 from Skei to Lunde in the Kjøsnesfjord. The trip starts right at the mouth of the Fjærland tunnel. You can park your car at the exit by the tunnel.

Source: Visit FjordKysten



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