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Lushaug tower at Lygna - Gran

Lushaugtårnet at Lygna – summer hike
Trip from Lygnasæter to Lushaugtårnet via Lushaughytta.
A spectacular hike to Lushaugtårnet, a multi-platform observation tower with a 360-degree panorama. The 5 km hike to the tower takes approx. 1.5 hours, and you follow the same route back.

Drive to Lygnasæter Hotel and park up. Follow the road until you reach Jotunheimstien. Its starting point is by the stables behind Lygnasæter Hotel. Continue south along the tractor track on the eastern side of the cabin area for approx. 2 km to Finnskjeggholen. Then follow the trail south through forest terrain and across walkways and open landscape, to the foot of  Vesle Lushaugen. Continue east to the Lushaughytta cabin, and then up the steep hillside to Lushaugen og Lushaugtårnet. The tower stands 15 metres high, and – on a clear day – offers stunning views of Eastern Norway.

If you prefer a round-trip, there is an alternative route described at UT’s webpage.
Good footwear is recommended as some areas can be wet and muddy.
Visit Lygnasæter Hotel and its Kro  for a bite to eat, or relax in the hotel’s beautiful surroundings.

Show consideration during your visit, and follow these basic guidelines: 
• Adhere to the code of conduct for public right of access
• Park at designated car parks and campsites
• Take your litter home or use the bins provided
• Remember the rules for keeping dogs on a lead; respect campfire bans and restrictions, and use designated sites only
• Try to use local shops along the route
• Drive nicely, but not too nicely – keep up with the traffic
• Last, but not least; ENJOY your trip!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Lushaug tower at Lygna - Gran

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