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Luster Fjordspa

You can experience a sauna with a fjord view at Luster Fjordhytter.

Luster means the warm, gentle fjord. We have not experienced this so far, which is why we made our own Luster Fjordspa for cold bodies and good people.

In our special spa area at Luster Fjordhytter we can offer ice-cold fjords, a hot sauna and the most enjoyable stamp experience of all time right by the fjord. Enjoy the mountains, enjoy the fjord and enjoy the warmth!

The sauna is wood-fired and can accommodate 8-10 people and is insanely dignified. The stamp is also wood-fired, holds 6-8 and is also insanely dignified! Both are open for drop-in and private booking.

Fjord baby!

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Luster Fjordspa

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