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Lustrabui bakery

Lustrabui bakery are located along the Lustrafjord, an arm of the Sognefjord. On Lustrabui, Luster Bakery you will get fresh buns and cakes. Welcome

Imagine freshly baked bread and buns - and the smell of this! If you drive by the Lustrafjord towards Skjolden or towards Gaupne, you must stop at Lustrabui! Lustrabui also has a shop in the center of Sogndal.

Here they serve steaming fresh bread, cinnamon rolls, luster bun, scoop bun, brownie, cakes and muffins. You will also find a rich selection of different types of juice from Kroken fruit and berries and from Eplet bed and apple. Lustrabui also serves coffee, tea, mineral water and alcohol such as beer and wine.

In the bakery in Lustrabui, the bread is made from ordinary flour, tap water, sourdough, yeast and sea salt. We have a machine that does the kneading job, the rest is done with human labor.

In addition, we have endless patience and a wood-fired oven - this gives the bread a rich taste and aroma. Remember that bread is fresh. 


Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Lustrabui bakery

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