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Måløy Tourist Information

Måløy touristinformation is your guide to the hidden gems, the unique experiences, and the unforgettable moments.

Måløy Tourist Information is here to offer you more than just information - they want to provide you with genuine inspiration to explore, discover, and enjoy everything Måløy has to offer.

When you contact the tourist information, you can expect comprehensive information, personal service, and extra inspiration that can make your journey unforgettable. Every single guest should feel special, be taken care of, and experience genuine hospitality.

By exploring everything from the scenic attractions to the cultural life, from exciting activities to charming cafes and shops, you will discover that the Måløy region has something for every taste and interest. Here, you will find experiences that will inspire you to stay longer, explore more, and come back again and again.

Welcome to Måløy - where the adventure begins and the memories last a lifetime!

Travel Better

The hosts in Fjordkysten and Sunnfjord focus on preserving the unique and pristine natural resources and creating experiences linked to local culture and close values. As a guest, you are an important contributor to this work, and through small and good choices, you can make your journey as gentle as possible.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Måløy Tourist Information

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