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M/S Øysprinten

M/S Øysprinten - passenger boat for up to 30 guests.

M/S Øysprinten with home port in Larvik, can be booked for transport, charter with catering, sightseeing, scattering of ashes/burial, inspection and more in the Vestfold archipelago for up to 30 guests. Season May - October.

The boat has all facilities on board, which are customized to the guests' needs. After 17 years sailing with M/S Viksfjord, Trygg Seilas AS knows very vell both the waters and the needs. M/S Øysprinten is a slightly smaller, that sails faster and can more easily go into smaller places as the boat is less drafty.

M/S Øysprinten was built in 1984, and has previously served as a medical, ambulance and shuttle boat in harsh areas along the Norwegian coast. The hull is in fiberglass.Two powerful Scania engines provide the propulsion, and can reach a top speed of 19 knots. Service speed 10 - 15 knots, but can also cruise at low speeds.

There is a good heating system, so it is comfortable on board in winter and on muggy days.

If there is an opportunity to add the stern to a wharf, M/S Øysprinten can also take wheelchairs on board.

Sailing is preferably done on weekends and evenings in the summer of 2024.

Contact Trygg Seilas AS for a non-binding offer.

Source: Visit Vestfold


M/S Øysprinten

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