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Made In Bergen - a guided tour of Arven, design and craftmanship in action

Experience Arven gold and silver factory and workshop, where knowledge and history meets innovation and design.

Visit one of Norway’s most influential gold and silversmiths, still producing locally in Bergen. 

Arven is attracting worldwide attention for their products and design. Learn about the heritage and the now, during your  visit to the factory.

From its very beginning in 1868, quality of product and beauty in design have been and continue to be the mainstay for Arven.

It`s only a short stroll from Bryggen and the harbour area to Arven. Here you will get a unique insight into how Arves produce fine jewellery, silver cutlery and interior design pieces. You will be welcomed by your host from Arven, who will describe the history of the company and its place at the forefront of Norwegian design. You will get a guided tour of the production facilities, where you meet skilled artisans in their work environment, and discover the details and complexity of how these beautiful products are made.

At Arven you will see history and innovation side by side. Handsome old wooden chests stand guard over lovely, graceful sterling silver. You will see equipment and machinery that is more than 100 years old working alongside modern technology. 

You will experience how the craftsmen and women work to take care of culture and tradition, and bringing this into the future with a combination of creativity and unique craftmanship.

We welcome you to excperience Arven through this guided tour, where you will enjoy both history and innovation in one of the most interesting sites in Bergen.

The guided tour is offered Monday to Friday and must be booked in advance.

After your tour of the production area, you will have the opportunity to browse the on-site gift shop.

The giftshop is open for all visitors, and you can through the 40 meter long glass wall see some of the production facilities and the artists at work.

6 main reasons for choosing Arven as a destination in Bergen:
Design, History, Craftmanship, Easy to get to, Value for Money, Authenticity

Factory tour and demonstration of beautifully handcrafted pieces.

The guided tour will be in English and Norwegian.

Duration: 1 hour

Arven is located only 2 minutes’ walk from Bryggen Harbour Area.

Contact us at to book the trip.

VIP tours and special request:
Can be arranged-direct mail for such events, minimum 6 people, maximum 25 people

Source: Visit Bergen


Made In Bergen - a guided tour of Arven, design and craftmanship in action

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