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Magnor Glassworks

Magnor Glassworks is one of Norway's best-known glassworks
The glassworks has existed for over 120 years, and still produces all its products by hand. ​​​​​​Here you can find works by a number of designers and artisans, experience concerts, visit the factory outlet and blow your own glass.

Magnor Glassworks was founded as early as 1896 in the deep border forests on the Norwegian side, Magnor, just 3 km from the Swedish border (and 12 miles from Oslo). The large forests were to provide fuel for the heat-sucking smelting furnaces. Several generations of skilled designers and glass workers have shaped Magnor Glassverk's history. More than 120 years of tradition and experience in handmade glass have come in handy and provided valuable knowledge and experience.

Development does not stand still even as the years pass, but much remains the same when molten sand is magically transformed into sparkling glass.

The tour starts with history and facts. Then further into glass production to see what we make today, we also follow the glass's cooling and grinding process. There are also options for dining.

• Tour approx. 40 min. incl. coffee and waffle, NOK 150 per person
​​• Tour approx. 40 minutes, NOK 100 per person

Discounted items in the Factory outlet
In "Glasshytta" (the glass cabin), you will find Magnor Glasswork's own factory outlet with a large selection of products! Here you will find great gifts for all occasions, tastefully displayed in bright and pleasant premises. In addition to our entire range in crystal, we also produce our own items that are only sold at Magnor.

In the Factory Sale, you can buy our goods with a 30 - 70% discount on the recommended retail price. This discount applies to the assortment that is second sorting or same sort, this means goods that may have small defects such as air bubbles or the like.

Here you can also buy products that cannot be found elsewhere, these are often products where blowers and designers have tested their new ideas.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Magnor Glassworks

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