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Malså Mines in Verdal

Remenants of the old mining operation from the 1800s in the old Malså mines are still visible today. Malså mines was the largest mine quarry in Verdal and possible the longest in operation.  The mine was established with the experimental operation of ore from 1865 to 1884.

From the end of the 1700s -Malså Mines was sporadically run by Mokk - and Gaulstad copper  mines, situated north of Malså mines in Ogndal, Steinkjer. The two mines  extracted, amongst other things, additions to their melting huts from the "Gruvstugguberg" area in Malså.
From 1874 to 1884, the operations was run by an English company. The Finne mines was in operation from around 1830 to around 1850. 

There was additional trial mine operations, the Røstad period, from  1904-1914 and the Sulitjelma period from 1914-1918. In the Åkervold mines, situated further ahead in the Malsådalen valley, the operations continued until the spring of 1919. Between the 5 main areas in Malså where there have been min operations, there are numerous signs which shows the great activity that has been carried out on the ore that runs through all of Malsådalen valley.

During the mine operation in the 1800s, several mines were in operation simultaneously. Mountain pulps was transported out by manpower and by horse.

With the mine operations in the Malsådalen valley, a new community was formed in the area. Up to 100 men were employed by the mine and most of them lived there. Some were married and had moved there with their families. In the 1900s, this was no longer the case, when only mine workers stayed in Malså.

In 1916 electrical power was connected to the mining area. The power was obtained from Ulvilla power station in Vuku. With light in the houses and the mines, the work became easier and went faster. There was also a telephone line from the ground in Vuku to the mining area.

There was intense activity at the mine and today we can see remenants of all that was needed to operate the mines. We can see the mines itself, ruins of one of  the melting furnaces and the foundations of the 20-30 houses of the workers. At that time there were both homes, laboratories and a workshop. Most of the buildings are from the 1914-1918. There are remains of a large water wheel in rapids nearby from the English period and by the swamill, there are quite a few small railway sleepers. You can also see the remenants of various machinery and installations in the area. 

There are only a few kilometers to Ogndalen from Malså mines. Many choose to walk or bike over to Ogndalen and Mokk Farm. The area is beautiful and perfect for recreation and outdoor activities.

For those interested in geocaching, there are caches to be found at Malså mines

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Malså Mines in Verdal

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