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Manndalen Sjøbuer

Manndalen Sjøbuer offers seaside accommodation in the beautiful village of Manndalen by the Lyngenfjord. We have eight seaside cottages sleeping four people. We also rent out boats to our guests.

Manndalen Sjøbuer is located by the sea in Kåfjorden, a tributary to Lyngenfjorden. We offer traditional Norwegian rorbue. Manndalen Sjøbuer has focused on Sami sea culture, and the eight cabins have each been assigned a season of the eight traditional seasons.
The cabins are modernly furnished, with some having a more modern style and some a slightly more traditional style. The deluxe cabin has its own sauna and in the middle of the floor an opportunity to look down at the shore under the cabin.
Manndalen is a rather special valley, since the Sami, Kven and Norwegian cultures live side by side. At Senter for Nordlige folk, a couple of km into the valley, you will find a museum, a library and a cafe. The indigenous Riddu Riddu festival also takes place here in July each year.
Our 8 cabins, measuring 35 m2, lie side by side on the quay and have a good overview of what's going on in the harbour. All cabins have a living room with kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom with two beds as well as a loft with two beds. TV and free WiFi are a matter of course.
A large outdoor terrace and barbecue facilities are available to all.
It is also possible to rent our sauna and jacuzzi for a relaxing time by the fjord.
In summer, Manndalen Sjøbuer is popular with fishing tourists, as here you can hire a fishing boat during your stay, and there is a separate fishing house for guests. Its also possible to use their canoe with see through bottom, sup board, cricket and "kubb" - for free.
The café is open in the summer, every Wednesday to Sunday, from 3 pm to 9 pm.
In winter, you have the opportunity to go on great ski and snowshoe trips in the area and to admire the Northern Lights (borrow snowshoes and cross country skiis for free). Close by you will find a scooter trail and a light trail.
From Tromsø it is about 150 km. Skibotn (south) and Olderdalen (north) are both 33 km away. About 1 km away are two grocery stores, a petrol station and Grenebua (the handy craft store).
Grenebua showcases local handicrafts and sells souvenirs, Manndalen is known for Manndalsgrena.

Source: Visit Lyngenfjord AS


Manndalen Sjøbuer

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