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Marked ski trails in Sauda

In Sauda, Ryfylke, there are over 100 km of marked ski trails in eight valleys. Sauda is a popular destination for cross-country skiing, randonee and slalom.

Are you looking for a fun and active winter? In Sauda municipality, there are marked ski trails for the whole family in eight different valleys and many great hiking trails.

Here is an overview of the valleys with cross-country ski trails in Sauda.

See also webcams from some of the locations.

Slettedalen valley

Slettedalen is a half-hour drive from the centre of Sauda, towards Røldal and Hellandsbygd. There is a cross-country skiing arena here and the trails are regularly maintained.

Slettedalen ski resort has a floodlit piste. There are also showers and toilets.

Slettedalen Rundt is a moderately demanding tour (blue trail). Follow the ski trail from the car park on the left side of the lake towards Indrejorde at the end of Slettedalsvannet.

The terrain here is easy and child-friendly, suitable for quiet family walks and for those who want to learn cross-country skiing. Further along the eastern side of the lake, there is a slight incline and the skiing becomes a little more challenging.

During parts of the ski season, you have to turn around at the end of the lake and follow the west side of the lake back to the car park.

During the rest of the season, it is common to run trails all the way round Slettedalen. Then you can follow the track back home on the east side of the lake. It's a long and beautiful round trip of 10.9 kilometres, with several climbs.

Torvøynå (blue trail) is an extra 6 km loop in addition to the regular route for Slettedalen Rundt. This trail takes you out of the most heavily trafficked part of the valley and further into Slettedalen itself. Here you are surrounded by high mountains and powerful nature.

Minnehaugen is an easy and child-friendly ski tour in easy terrain (green trail). You start from the car park on the right (light trail), follow the road back towards Hellandsbygd and round parallel back to the tourist cabin. Then a small climb towards Minnehaugen before you can run back down to the start.

Åbødalen valley

Åbødalen is a varied and attractive ski area where you can choose different routes along the way. From Sauda town centre, follow the signs to Åbødalen. In winter, the road goes to the car park in Jeskedalen, about 8 km from the centre.

Marked and prepared ski trails start at the car park in Jeskedalen. Here there is a steep climb up Nipbakkane before the valley opens up and you can choose from many great ski trails.

From the winter holidays, there is a marked trail from Buer, at the far end of Åbødalen, up to Fjotene, which connects to the trail network in Austerheimsdalen.

The Åbødalen Rundt ski tour is a moderately demanding round trip (blue trail) of 8.6 km. The partially marked and prepared trail starts and ends at the car park in Jeskedalen. It's a nice introduction to the area as the round trip takes you all the way to Buer.

Follow the road from the car park for about 100 metres and turn left before the bridge. There is a slight incline at the start, but otherwise child-friendly terrain inwards to Buer. Here you can follow the marked ski trail to the right and over the bridge to the other side of the valley. Alternatively, you can follow the marked but unmarked trail along the river to Takhidler and turn around back to Buer. From here, the trail heads back to Jeskedalen. NB! Somewhat steep descent down the last slopes to the car park. Marked from Klekkstølen to Knaggamyra. The alternative is to follow the route in the opposite direction.

On the hike you will experience dramatic views, such as Fossdalsfossen, which in winter transforms into an enormous ice sculpture.

The ski tour to Myrane (blue trail) has the same start as Åbødalen Rundt, but you keep right over the bridge and up Nip-bakken to Storemyr. The trail runs in easy terrain towards Feta and along the river with a slight incline towards Buer. Then follow the ski track back to Storemyr and down to the car park in Jeskedal. The round trip is about 8.5 km.

Nordstøldalen valley

In Nordstøldal, the valley is sheltered and protected from wind and weather. Nordstøldal is therefore a great starting point for skiing enthusiasts. The ski trails here are prepared by machine.

To get there, take the exit towards Nordstøldalen at the tunnel in Saudasjøen. There is a car park at Brekkestølsbråtet.

Nordstøldalen Rundt is a moderately demanding ski tour (blue trail) totalling 5.8 km and 278 metres in altitude. The round trip starts from the car park at Brekkestølbråtet and you follow the road towards Skeivane and then Nordstølen. Follow the steady climb to the Storavassbu tourist cabin. The return journey follows the same route back, but cross the river and follow the other side of the valley down towards Lia and back to Skeivane.

The ski tour from Nordstøldal to Lyngmyr (blue trail) also starts from the car park at Brekkestølsbråtet. Follow the road towards Skeivane and then Nordstølen.

Continue a little way into the valley and turn left across the river and return home along the route to Lyngmyr. There are some moderately demanding descents along the way, but otherwise the terrain is slightly hilly.

The ski tour is moderately demanding and totals 3.5 km with 239 metres of altitude in total.


Lyngmyr is a great hiking area for the whole family. To get to Lyngmyr, drive from the centre of Sauda in the direction of Saudasjøen, about 4 km. Then turn right in the direction of Svandal, and then right at the sign for Lyngmyr stadium.

In the lower part of the ski resort, right by the car park, there is a child-friendly area where children can both sled and ski. There is a toilet in the building.

At Lyngmyr there are ski trails in hilly terrain, organised light trails and an area for biathlon. The light trail is a great experience on skis after the sun has set.

The ski trails are linked to the trail network in Nordstøldal. In good conditions, a piste is run to Storavatnet. At Skeivane, there is also a shelter at the centre.

Lyngmyr ski centre has various routes and combinations of trails, ranging from gently undulating terrain to narrow steep slopes and tough downhill runs.


Sauda Ski Centre is located in Svandal, but there are also groomed ski trails from the children's lift via Djuvsbotn and around Botnanuten in high mountain terrain. This is a perfect area for those who want unspoilt descents from Ravnafjell or Hustveitsåta.

Svandal is a short drive from the centre of Sauda. Drive towards Saudasjøen and follow the signs to Svandal. There is parking at the ski centre.

Herheimsdalen and Austerheimsdalen

To explore Herheimsdalen and Austerheimsdalen, drive towards Hellandsbygd from Sauda centre and turn left after Lona. There are limited parking spaces. The trails are driven up with scooters and trackballs.

From Fiveland there are prepared ski tracks towards Herheimsdalen (blue piste). Keep right and follow round the beautiful Fetavatnet lake in easy and fine terrain. Here it is possible to continue towards Austerheimsdalen and further down Moringalen (marked trails from the winter holidays) to Buer and Åbødalen. The route is known as Fjellrennsløypa.

Start from Fiveland and follow the marked trail inwards to Herheimsdalen. Before Fetavatnet, the trail turns left on a slight incline towards Austerheimsdalen. Here you can follow the marked/built-up trail towards Fjotene. From Fjotene and down to Buer (Åbødalen) the trail is marked (from the winter holidays if conditions permit). The route is known as Fjellrennsløypa.


Breiborg is a distinctive and beautiful high mountain terrain where ski trails are set up from the winter holidays. To explore Breiborg, drive from the centre of Sauda and follow Rv 520 in the direction of Røldal. The Breiborg area is about 20 minutes from Sauda.

The Nasjonalen Breiborg is a moderately demanding tour of about 6.2 kilometres. The round trip is a marked and surfaced trail that starts at Breiborg Fjellstove and heads towards Breibotn. It then turns right (southwards) towards Tverrdalen and over Tverrdalsheia. From here, the hike goes back down towards the mountain hut in easy and beautiful terrain. This is a great round trip for those who want to experience winter in the high mountains.


Maldal is a good starting point for skiing in the western parts of the Skaulen area. To get to Maldal, follow the road from Sauda centre towards Røldal, and turn right at the factory, towards Maldal.

The ski tour in Maldal starts from the turnaround point 100 metres from the car park, with a gentle climb up towards Maldalsstølane. The tour goes from wooded slopes to more open terrain and high mountain terrain at Reinsvatnet lake. At the outlet of the lake, turn right in the direction of Vardanuten. The trails go in a round and turn down towards Maldalstølane and you follow the same route down.

The hike is moderately demanding (blue trail), totalling 14.7 km and with a total of 999 metres of altitude.

The area is also used for summit hikes, with Reinsnuten (1167 metres above sea level) being the most popular.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Marked ski trails in Sauda

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