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Marstein Lighthouse

The lighthouse is situated on a island a few kilometres from Panorama Hotell & Resort outside Bergen. The lighthouse is ideal for groups between 8-25 people.

If you are looking for an unique venue to celebrate a special occasion or a inspirational venue for your next meeting, Marsteinen Lighthouse is definately a place out of the ordinary.

The lighthouse is ideal for groups of between 8-25 people, looking for an experience beyond the ordinary. Panorama Hotell & Resort have created different conference- and event packages that include transport with boat or helicopter.

The three main buildings on the island were fully renovated in 2008 and now have 11 rooms with a total of 22 beds as well as a venue for conferences or social events. 

The unique location facing the North Sea is as frightening as it is magnificent, 4 nautical miles from Panorama Hotell & Resort.

Seasonal Operations:
The operation is limited because of harsh weather at this exposed location. Guests are welcome from 1 April  until 30 September. Trips outside this period are possible if the weather permits it. These trips are subject to other prices.

Banquet facilities: Minimum 8 people, maximum 30.
Accommodation: 21 beds in 11 rooms
Boat: Up to 12 pers. pr. boat.

Package with dinner and accommodation:
• Accommodation including half board.
• Boat transport with RIB to / from Panorama Hotel - Marstein Lighthouse
• All dining equipment needed for an evening event in the lighthouse
• 3-course dinner or barbecue buffet
• Bar / music until no later than 01.00
• Bed and breakfast
• Minimum 8 people.

Guided tour with groups:
As a fun activity when you are holding a conference at Panorama Hotell & Resort, you can book a guided tour to Marstein Lighthouse. Departure is by RIB boat from the pier at the hotel. You get to learn more about the history of the lighthouse and a guide will take you on a tour of the island. Calculate about 2-3 hours for this activity.

Holiday in the lighthouse:
Do you want a room with sea views, waves and hear the seagulls in the morning? Stayingin a lighthouse is quite different then staying in a hotel or holiday apartment. Rarely do you get closer to nature than at Marstein Lighthouse, and you can expect magnificent views, exciting history and a holiday you won't forget. For holiday rentals you hire the place all to yourself - without any of the hotel staff present.

Exciting history:
The lighthouse was built in the 19th century and has undergone several dramatic events, World War II and in recent years, a violent storm, totally destroying the Keeper’s Quarters. Our guides are happy to tell you more about the exciting history of this spectacular place.

From 2013 Panorama Hotell & Resort has been managing all events at Marstein Fyr.

Source: Visit Bergen


Marstein Lighthouse

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