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At Matstova’s café and bakery shop in Stryn, you’ll find a wide selection of bakery goods fresh from the oven of Matstova’s own bakery in Oppstryn.

Matstova makes its traditional food on the premises in Oppstryn, which is just by the Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre.

In addition to goods from the bakery, they also make food and cater for small and large functions either for delivery or on their own premises. The function rooms take up to 90 persons. There is a café here during summer. Matstova can deliver everything from exciting smorgasbords, cured meats and open sandwiches, to evening meals such as stews, casseroles and traditional sour cream porridge, as well as desserts and cakes.

Their busy café on Stryn Torg square bears witness to the quality of their food.
Matstova – all the bakery products and traditional food you could wish for between Stryn and Oppstryn.

Source: Nordfjord



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