Midt-Troms Museum

The Midt-Troms Museum Foundation is responsible for museum operations in the six municipalities in the Midt-Troms Region: Balsfjord, Bardu, Dyrøy, Målselv, Sørreisa and Senja.

The museum's main task is to collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about the collective social history, artifacts and "other material testimonies" in Midt-Troms. We aim to be a showcase for cultural history, natural history, to portray development related to fishing and aquaculture, forestry, agriculture, ore and mineral-resources, petroleum and military history. Our goal is to give children and adults both cultural-historical and natural-historical understanding, and the skills to be active learning participants. We are working towards maintaining action-oriented knowledge and how to easily facilitate this. The research is based on some of the museum's key areas and utilizes the museum's proximity to these areas and the public, which hosts unique opportunities to work interdisciplinary. The Midt-Troms Museum foundation is split into two departments: the supervisory committee and the executive board. The museum's administration is located in Sundlia off Europe highway E6 in Målselv municipality. The museum also publishes a magazine and have a “TRAD-center” which is hosting various workshops. Our employees are spread across the various year-round museums: the “TRAD-center” in Målselv, Troms Military Museum in Bardu, Midt-Troms Children's museum in Senja, Sážža - Senja nature and culture center in Tranøy, and Balsfjord Fjord museum / wetlands-center in Balsfjord.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

Midt-Troms Museum

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