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Mikkelhaug gård

Local pure or mixed juices

The farm Mikkelhaug is located on a moraine ridge by the medieval church Alstadhaug in Levanger. The farm is situated on a moraine ridge and in a cultural landscape with historical traditions for agriculture. The proximity to the Trondheimfjorden provides very good growing conditions for fruit and berries. Mikkelhaug is one of the northernmost fruit gardens in Norway.

Mikkelhaug refines all varieties of fruit and berries into different drinks, either as pure flavours or mixed juices. On the farm, they grow their own apples, plums, pears, rhubarb, black currants and currants. Raspberries and other berries are sourced from other producers in Trøndelag.

Sales outlets
Mikkelhaug's lovely drinks are served at many of Trøndelag's restaurants and hotels. If you want to buy to enjoy at home, the drinks are available at Eggbua, restaurants in the region and grocery stores such as Bunnpris, Coop and Meny.

Do you want to visit Mikkelhaug for:
- Information about the farm's operation and processing
-Tastes from the farm's various drinks, and other products from the farm.
Contact Ivar Andreas on Tel: +47 901 53 591 or e-mail:

​​​​​Eggbua - Self-service "shop"
Mikkelhaug also has egg production on the main farm, only 5 minutes from Mikkelhaug. You can buy both eggs and their drinks in the self-service hut.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Mikkelhaug gård

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