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Mining Museum in Sulitjelma

The Mining Museum offers insights into Sulitjelma's century-old mining history. Located in the first industrial area established at the beginning of mining operations, Sulitjelma Mining Museum features attractions such as the old copper smelter and the first power station. The exhibits cover various aspects of a once-thriving industrial community, once one of Norway's largest.

Thematic exhibitions explore topics such as transportation, industrialization, labor struggles, health, and daily life. You can also browse through hundreds of photographs documenting the mining history of the area.

Don't miss the exhibition showcasing local rocks and minerals! Beautiful forms, iridescence in light, and naturally formed sculptures adorn this truly unique collection.

The Mining Museum is ideal for those looking to delve into Sulitjelma's intriguing history or wishing to learn more about the industrial heritage of the Salten region.

Source: Visit Bodö


Mining Museum in Sulitjelma

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