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Moster Amfi

Moster Amfi is a culture- and exhibition center situated om historic grounds in Moster.

Moster Amfi is the most unusual open-air theatre in Northern Europe, and accommodates an audience of 1000. Moster Amfi comprises the exhibition "From heathendom to Christianity", a thought-provoking tour of Norse mythology, society in the Viking era, and the transformation to the Christian faith and understanding of life.

In the Amfi cafe they serve, among others, "Viking stew" and fresh waffles.

A guided tour of Moster Amfi also includes Moster Old Church and a miningexhibition in marble tunnles under the Moster Amfi that shows the mining history of Bømlo.   Events and outdoor theatre takes place at Moster Amfi. Opening hours at Moster Amfi and events: please see the web page of Moster Amfi.  Guided tours Moster old church, the religious-historical exhibition "From Heathendom to Christianity" and mine exhibition "The Stone Land of Bømlo".

You can buy tickets to the tours and exhibition at the Amfi cafe. 

Opening hours:
Tuesdays 12-15
Wednesdays 12-16

Open all year on request. Guided tour on request (nb! minimum of 10 participants). 

Please see the web page of Moster Amfi for more information!

Possibilieties for arranging meetings, conferences and different events (celebrations etc).


Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Moster Amfi

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