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Mosvatnet light trail and ski area in Suldal

Mosvatnet ski area in Gullingen in Suldal, Ryfylke, is a great hiking area with trails of varying length and difficulty for the whole family.

Mosvatnet, Suldal municipality, Ryfylke

From the ski hut by the car park, you'll find a light trail that makes a nice round trip, providing a great experience on skis after the sun has set. The trail is a total of 3.3 km (category blue), with a children's route that takes up 1 km of this round trip (category green).

If you're an experienced skier, you can extend the round to a more demanding 7.5 km hike towards Hedlebrekk (category blue) or the 8 km round Mosvatnet (category blue). You can also take the trail towards Vaneheia (category red) or the summit hike up to Natlandsnuten (category red) from this area.

End the day with a trip to Gullingen Turistsenter and Fjellcamping for a good dinner, or to play around the campfire.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Mosvatnet light trail and ski area in Suldal

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