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Motorhome parking at Bergenshallen

Self-service motorhome parking in Bergen by Bergenshallen. Parking tickets are purchased from vending machines on site. It is not possible to book in advance.

The address is Vilhelm Bjerknes vei 24, 5081 Bergen and the GPS coordinates are N 60o21.258 E05o21.526 and N60o21`15 ”E05o21`32.

The nearest stop with Bybanen is Slettten. It takes about 10 minutes with Bybanen (Bergen Light Rail) to the city center. The nearest grocery store can be found at Sletten center nearby.

Only motorhomes are allowed to park in the car park. If you have a caravan, combi-camp, tent or similar, you must park on a campsite.

The motorhome car park at Bergenshallen offers the following:

- Access to water

- The possibility to empty wastewater

- The possibility to empty toilets

- The possibility to empty waste

- Access to electricity in some spaces

How much does motorhome parking cost?

NOK 300 per day. Payment is made by card. You can use any card with a chip except a Maestro card.

What are your responsibilities when using the motorhome car park?

You must leave the area in the state that you would like to find it and be considerate to other users of the motorhome car park.

Source: Visit Bergen


Motorhome parking at Bergenshallen

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