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Mount Heilhornet

Heilhornet a 1058 meter over sea leval, one of the tallest mountains along Kystriksveien. Located on the southern part of Kystriksveien on the border between Trøndelag and Nordland.

Difficulty: Challenging, for experienced hikers.
Duration: 6-7 hours round trip.
Map/labelling: Well marked trail.
Parking: Marked parking along Fv17, seven miles north of the junction FV17 and 802 to Rørvik (Kjelleidet). From the north it is 17.8 km from the ferry port at Holm.

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The trip requires that one is accustomed to hiking in mountains, and is in good physical shape. The last part of the route is steep, but with a banister. Around 10 to 15 meters north of the car park there is a stream and the path goes up to the left of the stream. Here it rises quite rapidly through the forest for 280 meters and then evens out. Eventually the path forks out. Lesshornet is marked to the left, but you follow the signs to the right to Heilhornet. The trail is well marked here. There is an incline of up to around 545 m before the path goes straight parallell with the top for a short distance.

You walk up to around 670 m, you are now on the south side of the peak and hike further up to 900-950 m. Now you're on the mountain ridge, and it is a little rough northward up to the top, but you are almost up to the height you should be in. As mentioned, rugged, but not impassable. Some do not want to go the last few meters because it is so steep on both sides, but remember that there is a banister!

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Mount Heilhornet

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