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Mountain walk to Novatind

A rare and wonderful walking experience.

Distance: 26km there and back
Estimated time to the top: Full day trip.
Suitable for: Should be fit, but no climbing, suitable for most, adjust speed to fitness.
Start and finish: Car park at Rævelvhøgda, must organise transport by boat across Skoddebergvann.
Necessary equipment: Good boots, windproof clothes, mittens and hat, change of socks (can be windy).
Map: Walking map available on
Marked trail: Very well marked, good path. DON'T ATTEMPT THIS WALK WITHOUT A GUIDE!
Drinking water: Bring plenty of food and drinks for many breaks.
Route description: Ok path, but quite steep in some places, great to walk when taking your time. Beautiful mountain terrain with panoramic views across 7 parishes. A rare and wonderful walking experience.

Source: Destination Harstad


Mountain walk to Novatind

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