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Munkeby Herberge - The farm between the monestaries (Guided mini pilgrimage walk)

Journey from Munkrøsta to Munkeby Monastery: A Tale of Past and Present

Munkeby Herberge is delighted to offer a guided mini-pilgrimage that will transport you from Munkrøsta to the captivating Munkeby Monastery. This leisurely walk covers approximately 2.5 hours of easy terrain.

Commence your adventure at Munkrøsta, where you'll be greeted with an informative tour and captivating stories surrounding an Iron Age burial field, steeped in mystique.

Stroll along the newly established pilgrim trail, tracing the enchanting Levanger River to reach the evocative ruins of the historic Munkeby Monastery.

Immerse yourself in the history of Munkeby Monastery, founded in 1180 and renowned as the northernmost Cistercian monastery in Europe.

Proceed to Munkeby Herberge for a delightful lunch featuring locally inspired dishes.

For those interested, a visit to the new Munkeby Maria Monastery can be arranged, adding a spiritual dimension to your journey.

Price per person:
Adults: 300 NOK
Children under 10 years: 250 NOK

Included in the price:
Guided walk from Munkrøsta to Munkeby.
A delectable lunch at Munkeby Herberge.
An opportunity to explore Munkeby Maria Monastery.

Scheduled Dates in 2019:
Sunday, June 23
Sunday, July 7
Saturday, July 20
Sunday, August 11

A minimum of 10 participants is required. The booking deadline is the Wednesday prior to each scheduled date.

For booking and additional information, please contact: Håkon Fiskvik Mobile: +47 99 69 23 15

For alternative dates or evening tours, please get in touch with us for booking; a minimum of 5 participants is necessary.

Last updated: 09/29/2023

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

Munkeby Herberge - The farm between the monestaries (Guided mini pilgrimage walk)

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