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Mushroom hunting in Ringerike


Boletus mushrooms have not shown themselves in the area for about 7 to 8 years, but now they're back! Boletus, and many other types of fungi, is starting to grow as we approach autumn. The mushroom season typically begins in the month of august, and goes on into the first autumn months. However, this is somehwat depending on what type of mushroom one would like to go pick. Just remember that mushrooms are, first and foremost, food! So why not learn more about them, and try sampling parts of your own dinner this year?

Mushroom hunting can be done many places in Ringerike, all forests, farmyards and so on are open and ready to be explored!

More info? Read more about mushroom picking in Ringerikemushrooms in general, or take a look at Ringerikes mushroom association!

Have fun(gi)!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Mushroom hunting in Ringerike

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