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Myhre Gård - cabins and apartments


Let your accommodation become part of the whole experience! Our traditional house on the mountain farm, the charming cabins or the large apartment on the main farm will give you a true «back to basic» feeling. Our horse farm Myhre Gård is located at Skammestein, in the heart of Norway at the foothills of Jotunheimen National Park.

Our charming cabins are located a bit away from the main farm with a beautiful view to the mountains. Grazing animals might show up right outside your window. The cabins are spacious and newly built. They have 6 bed spaces, dining corner, a sofa corner, coffee machine and fridge. In the summer you might want to eat outside on the deck.
There are common facilities just 15 meters away from the cabins: fully equipped kitchen, living room, dining room, shower, wardrobe and drying room.

You need to bring (can also be rented - remember to preorder): bed linen or sleeping bag and towels. 

Exotic 18th century mountain farm house
This is an adventure that takes you back right into the life during the 18th century in the Norwegian mountains, a real "back to basic"-experience. The house is located on a charming small mountain farm in the foothills of the Jotunheimen and Langsua National Parks.

There's no electricity up here, but a cozy fireplace, candles and the light of the moon. The kitchen has a gas stove, and there's a good old outhouse. No shower either, but in the summertime you can take a swim in the nearby lake to freshen yourself up. 

This small cabin is ideal for 2 persons - perfect for a romantic get-away.

Cabin with 8-9 beds on the summer farm
For larger families and peer groups our 19th century cabin is just the right place. It is equipped with kitchen and dining table, fire place, gas stove and sofa corner. 

The cabin has a bedroom, an open loft with three beds, two bunk beds and a master bed. It can sleep 8-9 people, but then it gets a little crowded. But then again, in the old days people did not have much space and slept many close together. This cabin is very well suited for families.

A stay here is a true adventure. In the summer, animals graze right outside the door. One of the neighbouring summer farms produces their own cheese for sale, maybe you would like to have a taste? The surrounding nature offers many opportunities for hikes and fishing. Jotunheimen with the famous Besseggen Ridge is not out of reach either.
Staying here in winter is also a unique experience. The light in the mountains in winter is just fantastic: blue hour, sunsets and sunrises with purple, yellow, orange and pink hues paint the sky. Even if it snows, this is a fairy tale. And if you're really, really lucky you might even see the northern lights dance over the night sky.

You need to bring (can also be rented - remember to preorder): bed linen or sleeping bag and towels.

* Meal package: Includes all meals needed during your stay (remember: This is far from the nearest supermarket, and in winter, there's no road in here)

Our recommendation: During summer, riding on horseback up to the farm for an overnight stay is absolutely unique. During winter, we can get you there in a dog sled. Or you might want to make a back-country skiing trip up to the cabin or get a lift on the snow scooter. 

Apartment on the main farm

This spacious apartment is located on the main farm and sleeps 12 persons. It fits small groups or larger families. It has a dorm with 10 beds and two single rooms. You will find a well-equipped kitchen, toilets, a bathroom with two showers and a nice deck where you can enjoy an outdoor meal in the summer or just relax and breathe the fresh air. 

You need to bring (can also be rented - remember to preorder): bed linen or sleeping bag and towels.

* Meal package: Includes all meals needed during your stay. You can choose between breakfast, lunch and dinner (or a combination).

We recommend that you choose to join some activities while you're staying with us. Help us feed the animals, go horseback riding, snowshoeing, skiing, cycling or fishing. Equipment for most of this can be rented from us. 

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Myhre Gård - cabins and apartments


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