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Myklevold baker`s café at Narvik Storsenter

Narvik´s only local baker selling freshly handmade bread and other baked goods made in stone ovens, delicious sweet pastries made by our confectioners and filled baguettes, rolls and croissants as lunch food.

We offer a large selection of handmade bread and bakery goods, filled baguettes, rolls and croissants. A numerous variety of lunch food. Myklevold dates back to 1939 with great granfather Johan Myklevold who startet his handcrafted bakery in Ballangen, south of Narvik city. Until this day we keep his spirit of genuine sustainability of the handcraft and some of his recipes alive althoue we develope our business to meet the future demands of baked goods.

Source: Visit Narvik AS


Myklevold baker`s café at Narvik Storsenter

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