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Myrvoll Cultural Farm

Travel back in time when visiting Myrvoll Cultural Farm. Located along the fjord Holandsfjorden in Meløy, next to road 17. Experience the old way of farm life along vith art exhibitions.

Make a journey 100 years back in time at Myrvoll Kulturgård. The buildings and garden have been carefully put in place to bring you back in time. Traces of everyone who has lived on the farm are well taken care of.

During the summer season, Myrvoll Kulturgård offers a café with simple serving of short-distance and home-cooked food. Throughout the summer, you will be served sour cream porridge with cured meats and homemade flatbread. In addition, lefse, freshly baked waffles and various cakes are served. If desired, the food can be served outside, in beautiful and magnificent nature.

At Myrvoll Kulturgård you will also find an interesting sales exhibition with both local and national artists.

If you take the trip to Myrvoll Kulturgård, you are guaranteed to have your shoulders lowered. Here the silence prevails and the place has a very special atmosphere characterized by the place's history. The hosts are happy to tell you about the history of the farm and the place. Give yourself time to stroll around the courtyard and enjoy the atmosphere. Upon prior request, the hosts can take you on a tour of the local area. Among other things, there is a lot of interesting botany and bird life in the narrow Holandsfjord.

Myrvoll Kulturgård is located in the heart of the Holandsfjord just south of the Svartisentunnellen. The farm is geographically close to Svartisen, and you can occasionally experience calving from the ice. One of Helgeland's highest mountains, Helgelandsbukken (1453) is another neighbor, and contributes further to the magnificent nature in the area.

Opening hours during the summer season are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Saturday and Sunday 12.00 - 18.00. 

Source: Kystriksveien Reiseliv


Myrvoll Cultural Farm

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