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Nærøya Church

Nærøya church is a covered medieval church ruin from the 1100s, located on Nærøya island. The church burned down in 1848 and was rarely in use after that. Nærøya island and Nærøya church are cultural heritage areas for Nærøy municipality today.

The old sagas mentions many socalled "sea kings" who had their seats of power on Njardøy, the old name for Nærøya, named for the Norse sea god Njord or Njörðr. The island became a religious center on the Namdalen coast more than a thousand years ago, long before Christianity reached Norway. The first church on Nærøya was built shortly after Christianity became common. There was a market area on Nærøya and in its heyday it was a very important trading post. 

The island and church is only accecible by boat. 

Last updated: 05/29/2019

Source: Visit Namdalen

Nærøya Church

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