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Nøtnes Midnattsol Guesthouse


Nøtnes Midnattsol is a charming Guesthouse nestled in Skrova, a beatiful island on the Lofoten Island, Norway.

Welcome to Nøtnes Midnattsol Guesthouse!

Our Guesthouse offers 15 spacious bedrooms with ensuite bathroom and an amazing terrace by the water.

The rooms are all unique, each inspired and decorated by Skrova's different landscapes through the year… The turquoise clear waters, the pink polar days, the white sandy beaches…
There is a fully equipped kitchen available to all the guests and a cozy leaving room with comfortable seats.

The terrace is right by the water, with a perfect view of the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights in winter.

It features a long 50m dock providing docking space for guests travelling by boat and there is free parking available for guests arriving with car.

Source: Destination Lofoten


Nøtnes Midnattsol Guesthouse


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