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National Tourist Route Gaularfjell

National tourist route Gaularfjellet - The Gaularfjell mountains lie to the north of Balestrand, and the road between Dragsvik and Moskog passes through them.

On the Balestrand side, the road twists and turns through nine hairpin bends. There are many beautiful rivers and waterfalls along the route.

For most people Gaularfjellet is a well-kept secret but for all those who have discovered the road it is quite special. The drive skirts the fjord before snaking up towards the highest point of Gaularfjellet. At the rest area at Utsikten you can admire the panorama of a majestic view of a lushly beautiful landscape where national road 13 winds its way up the hillside. The road follows Gaularvassdraget, one of the few watercourses that is protected offering everything from wild rapids and waterfalls to calm stretches where the water glides quietly on its way. A walk over the flixible bridge at Likholefossen waterfall provides a feeling of beeing into the mid of the swirling cascade.


Source: Visit FjordKysten


National Tourist Route Gaularfjell

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