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Naustdalfossen - Waterfall

Visit Naustdalfossen og enjoy the view beyond Nausta which is an unregulated salmon waterway with an expiration in the Førdefjord in Sogn and Fjordane.

Popular fishing area

Nausta river is a highly popular river for sport fishing for salmon and sea trout. The track is for about 12,4 kilometer. On this track it is two waterfalls connected. Naustdalsfossen-watefall is the first one which lays 1,5 kilometer above the river and sea. And Hovefossen which is 2,9 kilometers further above in the river. In Naustdalfossen-waterfall, the fish stops for a while after coming from the sea. The fish pass the waterfall most easily when the water flow is relatively low.

The natural conditions for salmon production are good, but the fjord is threatened by the approved mine landfill from Engebøfjellet.

Contact the landowner for interest of fishing in the waterfall.

Safety at the waterfall

Please respect the natural forces. There are slippery rocks and strong forces beneath the waterfall. Stick to the main path. In the winter there is ice around the waterfall, and at spring the water level is high.


The waterfall lays in Naustdal municipality at highway 5, 13 kilometer west of Førde and 35 minutes from Førde airport.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Naustdalfossen - Waterfall

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