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Neptun Herring Oil Factory - Museum Nord

At Neptun Herring oil factory, oil were produced for more than 70 years. Behind this industrial adventure was mr. Christian Frederiksen. His ambitions and actions made Melbu a leading industrial centre in Northern Norway.

The herring oil factory started in 1910. The industrial use of the herring made it possible to make economic profit on a formerly not commercially used asset – the herring. The factory Neptun was the first in Norway to use a new, American machine system. The new system was highly efficient.

The museum is located in a former herring factory on the outer breakwater at Melbu.The museum offers visitors not only an interesting story, but also intriguing industrial buildings. One of the disused fish-oil tanks has been named “Royal Neptune Hall” as it is used for concerts and other exciting public events due to its exceptional acoustics: listening to music inside the huge tank is a fantastic audio experience, with a resonance of many seconds.

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Source: Visit Vesterålen


Neptun Herring Oil Factory - Museum Nord

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