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NeRø fruit & cider

Visit NeRø Frukt and Sider at the farm lower Røste. Explore organic fruit production, world-class sides, and unparalleled views in the fruit village.

Farthest north in the fruit village, at Hjuksebø in Notodden municipality, lies NeRø Frukt og Sider at the lower Røste farm. The farm is west-facing towards Heddalsvannet with a beautiful view of Gaustatoppen, Blefjell, and the Notodden World Heritage Site.

From grain to organic fruit farm
Today, the farm is run by Trine and Ole Christoffer, who cultivate cherries and organic apples and, not least, produce cider from their apples. Lower Røste has been in Ole Christoffer's family for 5 generations but is not a traditional fruit farm. Ole Christoffer converted the operation from grain to fruit in 2016 and now manages a total of 65 acres with 15,000 fruit trees on the property. The apple cultivation is organic, and all the products NeRø processes further are organic.

NeRø produces world-class cider
The knowledge of producing high-quality cider has not been passed down through generations as we know from the wine regions of Burgundy, Champagne, and Piedmont. But it is precisely the same criteria and passion that the operators at NeRø work towards. Soil, cultivation techniques, and raw material quality, along with the site's climate, are crucial for good results, and NeRø has proven with its many national and international awards that they deliver world-class products.

Guided tours, cider tasting, and farm sales
All of this you can experience and taste on a trip to NeRø, where you can:
- meet the owners,
- book a guided tour with cider tasting,
- shop at the farm shop with a wide range of the farm's beverage products as well as seasonal fruits and berries, or
- stroll around the orchard to experience nature's magic on your own.

Source: Telemarkreiser AL


NeRø fruit & cider

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