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About Stein School – an experience for both children and adults

Stein School is a unique and colourful school adorned by well-known Norwegian artists such as Reidar Aulie, Dagfinn Werenskiold, Henrik Sørensen and many more. In the 1930s, they transformed the school’s interior into an imaginative and colourful frame for teaching.

Headmaster Erling Elverhøy and Ingeborg Refling Hagen were the driving forces behind the works of art, words and poems decorating walls, doors, staircases and other surfaces. The school was in regular use from 1912 to 1972, and goes by the name "The Fairytale School".

Next to Stein School is the "old school" from 1852, which was in use until 1912.

Welcome to the café at Stein School

In our lovely and rustic café, which used to be and old barn, we serve homemade cakes and scones, freshly made waffles and brewed coffee, ice cream and other treats.

We also exhibit art in our café building, as well as the opportunity to buy unique pieces of jewellery and quotes from Stein School.

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Source: Visit Greater Oslo


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