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Nikøy Guest Harbour

Sail west of the famous mountain and landmark Alden and you will end up in "Venize of the North" - Bulandet.

Nikøy Guestharbour is located right at the heart of Bulandet, right next to the local shop and Nikøy cafe. The guestharbour have room for about 20 boats. You will have access to electricity, shower, toilet and washingmachine/tumble dryer. Petrol/diesel filling on the wharf.

There are four caravan parking lots in the area. Bulandet is Norway´s western-most fishing community. Bulandet includes 365 islands and has 240 inhabitants. The exhibition «Bulandet – past and present» provides an overview of daily life and fisheries in Bulandet. The island community Bulandet and Værlandet is beautifully linked together by six new bridges and 5.240 m of road. The road Nordsjøporten is not only important for traffic and communication in the area but also allows for a fantastic journey through the island kingdom.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Nikøy Guest Harbour

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