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Nordfjordryggen ridge

Nordfjordryggen ridge

This trip goes from Utvikfjellet mountain to Sandane and has great views of the mountains and fjord all the way. Area: Gloppen Type: Hike/walk Classification: Demanding Length and duration: 19.4 km, 8 hours, the hike is one way, from A to B Season: April–October

The trip is just as amazing on skis as it is on foot, with good and varied terrain.

The trip starts at Utvikfjellet mountain. Here you go over the mountains to Fløtravarden, Snøfjellet/Grønskrea, Dunheia and Blånibba. The route then goes down Rypeskaret to Bjørndalen valley and ends perfectly with a walk down through Trivselskogen forest to the centre of Sandane. Remember that this is not a roundtrip. If you park your car at Utvikfjellet, you will have to find your way back there!

The route is marked and follows well-defined roads and paths for most of the trip.

Walk the Nordfjordegga ridge and enjoy the landscapes and views of Indre Nordfjord, Breim and Eggenipa mountain, the glacier, the Gloppefjord and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Last updated: 10/12/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Nordfjordryggen ridge

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