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Nordgardsetra Farm

Nordgardsetra consists of a large yard with barns, stables, guest house and cabins for accommodation.

Cows, calves, horses, pigs, sheep and chickens walk in the yard, and in the forest you will find the tussiesti, an activity trail for children. There is also an outdoor bakery that produces fresh bread and buns every weekend and pizza if you are lucky.

Ice cream, coffee and, of course, home-made waffles are sold in the guest booth.

Throughout the summer, various courses and themed days about life at Nordgardsetra are organized for children and adults. Here you can come and take part in activities like milking, separation, cheese making, churning butter and cooking prim. And care for and cuddle with the animals, of course. At weekends there is entertainment of various kinds, music, singing, stories, cooking and other activities.

Nordgardsetra is located in the forest a couple of kilometers past Vindfjelltunet with a road all the way up and with parking 100 meters from the yard.

Come for a day visit or stay a day or two!

Nordgardsetra is open during the school's summer holidays, every day from week 26-31.

Source: Visit Vestfold


Nordgardsetra Farm

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